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I'm Tricia Lee.  Some labels I and others use to label me are Asian, Canadian, Director, Writer, Filmmaker, Woman, Female, Over 30, Living In Hollywood.

Language is our way of communicating, but it’s also our way of labelling.  Ourselves and others. I want to stop and take a closer look at the words that define my world and see if they still serve me. If so, I want to know what they really mean.  And if not, I want to discard it from my vocabulary and perhaps find a replacement.  


Almost every word has more than one meaning.  I will only include one definition with each word, the one that speaks to me or the one that I want to write about.  If you use the word differently, you can always google the other definitions.

My idea is to write one entry every day for a year.  Three hundred and sixty-five thoughts about words that hold such power over my life.  Three hundred and sixty-five deep dives into the essence of each word.  

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